Sponsors of Gill's Memory Quilt Blocks

The following is our current listing to acknowledge and thank the generous people and organisations who have kindly sponsored a Quilt Block from .

Block No. 7C  -  Terrie from Cann River
Sponsored by:   Noorinbee Natural Berries and Produce  
                            Contact:  Terrie    |   Mobile:     0411 757 896
                            Website:  smrtovnice

Whenever Gill came home from being with Terrie she was elated. I would listen quietly to Gill, seeing her happy face, as she relayed the day’s adventures with Terri, and after chatting to Terri on the phone today, I can see why Gill so enjoyed their friendship. Terrie told me of some of her recent doings-taking a friend and her chooks to the local show; meeting mutual friends of Terrie and Gill, Chrissie and Matilda, and a young colt at the same relojes replicas suizos show plus many more humorous, and at times, more serious happenings. Terri is a great story teller and I can see why Gill enjoyed spending many a day with her. I have asked Terri to send us some of her amusing stories. I’m sure others will enjoy them too.

All at Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge thank Terrie and her family for their generous support. I most certainly look forward to making a book for Terrei that will include her quilt block history, a summary of how Gill’s quilt came to be and a few extras. I want her to have something extremely special to keep, something to look at that will remind her of Gill, and how she herself showed her deep love for Gill by learning how to patchwork. Gill, who didn’t sew either, would appreciate and understand these efforts.


Block No. 56  -  Little Pink Basket
Sponsored by Autotools  
                           -  Workshop Specialty Tools and Equipment for Mechanical Maintenance Industries.