Sponsor A Block

All those involved in making Gill’s Winning Memory Quilt invite you to be part of this creative fund raising activity.

What Now

One of our initial ideas was to, in some way, make some money for Gill’s new programme by auctioning or raffling Gill’s quilt. We knew this innovative programme could benefit from some financial support. Then everyone fell in love with this, “stories of Gill’s life”, quilt. No-one wanted to part with it!! You can’t blame them! A clever thinking friend, Pam, suggested we find sponsors for the quilt. This way we could keep Gill’s quilt, and include the community, as well as gather money for Gill’s programme. What a great idea!! So here we are offering you the opportunity to be part of this fund raising adventure.

After talking to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge committee we understand there is a huge need for an office orologi replica and activity room. So if we can get all the blocks sponsored we will raise around $25,000.00. A great start! Gill’s committee is thrilled with the idea and have gone off to get prices for the coming building. Things are moving! Our plan is to have all blocks sponsored by July 2014.

Here is our offer

We want this to be a “two way stretch,” “winners on both sides” opportunity-we are open to negotiation.

There are just over 100 quilt blocks of varying sizes on offer. From the “petite, highly detailed” 4 inch blocks up to the larger full of “here I am”12 inch ones and a combination between. Many have beautiful stories about Gill and her busy and fulfilling life. They are touching! Others are full of “Gill colour” and include many favourite traditional quilt designs.

At this point five blocks will not be available for sponsorship. Four are ones with Gill’s photo in them and the other is the block with the rainbow bridge which is Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge logo. We are sorry about this however we feel it is too difficult for us to include them in this process.

Sponsors of each Block will receive

  • A handmade book including: Gill’s story, the story behind your chosen block and the creator, together with photos of both, and an information pack about Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge.
  • Your name or company’s name, promoted on our upgraded website, for 5 years.
  • The opportunity to support your community.
  • A plaque engraved with your name or company’s name which will be displayed in a prime position at Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge farm, for all to see.
  • If there is a suitable place, Gill’s Winning Memory Quilt could be displayed in your foyer for up to one month.


The prices of each block are listed below.  As you can see, there is a variety of prices for you to choose from.
If you would like to discuss your thoughts on being a sponsor please contact Annette on 0497 230 394 or 03 5668 2929.

  • 4  inch block                           $  65.00 per block
  • 8  inch block                           $260.00 per block
  • 12 inch block                          $585.00 per block

  • 4 inch x 8 inch block              $130.00 per block 
  • 4 inch x 12 inch block            $195.00 per block 
  • 4 inch x 16 inch block            $260.00 per block
  • 8 inch x 16 inch block            $390.00 per block 

Now for the difficult part

How to choose one block? Please have a look at the pictures of Gill’s Quilt Blocks. You might find you like quite a few. Some already have their stories available for you to read, others won’t be far away.

Please Note:

We will be adding many more blocks and stories, so be sure to come back and visit our website at Gill’s Quilt Blocks. Click Here
to view.

Annette knows all the stories intimately. Try to limit yourself to three choices, now contact Annette and she will endeavour to help you make a final decision. Also you might like to actually see Gill’s Quilt, this may help you to make your final decision. Just talk to Annette.

Once this is made all you need to do is make your payment to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge

You can either;

  • Post a cheque, made out to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge, with the full amount, then send to:
            Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge   
             P.O. Box 22
             Mirboo North  Vic  3871 replika klockor
  • Go to any Bendigo Bank and make your payment to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge, make sure you ask the teller to fill in your name or business name so we know who has made the payment.

Once this is finalised Annette will make arrangements with you, making sure you receive all components of your Sponsorship.

We look forward to chatting with you and we are sure you will enjoy the whole process. Also we are sure your involvement will be fulfilling.

We will keep you informed about the progress of this exciting and supportive activity.