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The Austin Seven Club

Date:21st June 2016| Category:General
The Austin Seven Club, trials section held a fundraising event at
Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge farm on Sunday 19th June, 2016.

Competitors and visitors had a ball. The excitement on the children’s faces as they watched the observe section trials cars battle with the slippery surfaces, sharp turns and lastly, deep waterways, was a winner in itself.

This family orientated club has a lot to offer. Serious completion,
open space, a sport that all can enjoy and importantly for me, an inclusion of our dear children.

There was an auction and raffle to boot. As soon as I get the final results I will pass this onto our readers/viewers. 

A great big thank you to the members of the Austin Seven Club
for supporting Gill’s program and making this event a total success.
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(Above Photo)
The dear gentleman on the back of the tractor is Arthur, aged 85.
There is no stopping him!! He is living life to the fullest.
The mud didn’t stop him from watching the event, he hitched a ride on the back of Gary’s tractor.
Good on you Arthur.
(More fun and games were enjoyed by all.......)

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