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Thank You Austin Seven Club

Date:25th July 2016| Category:General
A huge and heartfelt thank you to the Austin Seven Club for running 
this fundraiser for Gill’s program. 

A special thank you to Louise for all her remarkable
efforts, as well as the members who did all the background
work making the day a joy for all, and not forgetting all who
stood strong,raising their hands till the last bid was made.
A big thank you to you - what fantastic items there were.

Auctions are a lot of fun but without the support from the generous
sponsors there would be no auction excitement and contribution to
Gill’s program- so another big thank you to all of you.

Lastly, thank you to all who came along on the day, competing, bidding,
buying raffle tickets, eating hot delights, taking part in the action and
finally seeing our farm and activity room

Thank you everyone.

After all the monies were collected and added up, a cheque for
$1,285.40 was handed to Annette and Gary outside the Gillian’s
Rainbow Bridge rainbow. An apt place.

The smile on Louise’s face was beautiful as she handed this
generous cheque to Annette. 

Gill who loved to be part of the action would be touched
and thankful to this family orientated club who continue to 
support their community.
Thank you to all who were involved.

Author: Annette
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