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Friendly Reminder for School Holidays Winter Program

Date:16th June 2016| Category:General
Friendly Reminder…. School Holiday Winter Programs

School Holiday time isn’t far away, so have a look at what is on offer and if
you're interested, please book in quickly.

We don’t want you to miss out.

First Week:

Make a Tie Dyed T Shirt

Clare will help you create a brilliant T shirt which you can proudly wear.

Date:    Wednesday 29th June, 2016

Time:    9.30am till 2.30pm.

Please bring a little something to add to our healthy yummy lunch.

Week Two:

Help build a wooden stool for the children who visit our farm.

Dan will be by your side as a team of eager young carpenters, that’s you,
make a few bespoke country stools.

Date:    Tuesday 5th July, 2016

Time:    9am till 2.30pm.

Please bring a little something to add to our delicious lunch.

To book in please phone Annette on 5962 5995 and you can leave a message
email her at:

For more information about Gill’s Program,
please go to:   

When you have a little spare time, have a look through our blogs and details
of our upcoming school holiday programs.
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Last term the kids had a ball. Feel welcome to look at the blogs for photos.

Gill’s program supports children who are facing challenges in their lives.
Sometimes making friends isn’t easy, or maybe there has been a death
in your family, or other children might be bullying you at school,
or other challenges have come your way.

Take a big breath, cosplay anime and visit our farm.

You can help feed the animals, make friends, be creative, have fun,
then go home full of happiness. Places are filling up so get in early, we don’t want you to miss out.

There is no cost for the day. We look forward to seeing you and joining in the fun.

 CLICK HERE  to  get a copy of our  Programs Forms.

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