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Nature Study - Still LIfe

Date:08th November 2016| Category:General
As part of our 2016 Spring Programme the following is about one of the events we did;

Event held on:    Date:   Thursday 22nd September

                           Times:  9.30am until 2.30pm
(Learning the craft)
From Clare our artist and Naturalist - we used some of the natural 'treasures' that we found together throughout the farm, garden and bush then we made colourful creations using these found objects. Using a variety of materials we explored different techniques to make an artwork uhren replica kaufen.

Gill is usually there looking after us, making sure the weather is kind, not too wet, but I fear she may have been asleep or on a special mission this Thursday. But did that stop us, definitely not. The children, all animal lovers, helped feed the sheep and Thomas the Angora goat, who always puts on a display for the children, his turned up top lip with head stretched high. I’m sure he loves all the attention!

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Rosy our Welsh mountain pony is eager for breakfast and those who knew Bridget and Shelly when they were new born calves were astounded to see how big they are now-a couple of spoilt girls. Plus we have Clare, (named after Clare our Artist and Naturalist), our latest addition with soft white feathers you want to touch. She is a Muscovy duck that is looking for a new permanent home.  Please give us a call if interested  5962 5995

Luckily most of our farm work was done inside as the sheep don’t like getting their feet wet and Thomas dislikes the rain so they all stayed inside that day! However after we shared a huge platter of fresh fruit and scrumptious dips the children were eager to face the elements. A trail of raincoats, gumboots and colourful woven baskets followed Clare as she took the children through our misty cottage garden collecting flowers and foliage for their nature studies. Chitter-chatter, snip-snip, what about this one, what about that one was head as the baskets were filled with an array of rainbow coloured flowers. I love their enthusiasm.

Once back at the activity room the children placed the flowers on a table, yellows, oranges, reds, magentas, indigos, violets, blues and many greens, filling the table with wonderment. The children then arranged their chosen flowers on a board, making a study that they would later paint. Now time for lunch!

Now revitalized Clare showed the children a few watercolour techniques before starting on their nature studies-artists were born. The serious painters kept their heads down while others simply had fun with this new experience.

After all the concentration we needed to relax a little, let our hair down, give our brain a breather, so a run in the paddock and quick bush walk was the perfect remedy.

Later mums and dads gathered to see the children as they finished their last piece. It was a time for reflection, a time to share the joy of the day’s events and a time to have a piece of chocolate or lemon meringue pie. What a finish!!

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