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Date:03rd June 2015| Category:General
It's lovely to do hand-felting with the children at Gillian's Rainbow Bridge.

This is a place where it's easy to invite children to find the magic inside themselves, engage with materials, and create something beautiful and fun .

The moments that make Planet Earth feel like home are bolso gucci imitacion often quiet moments, where the wonder of possibility opens up in the marvel of playing with elements from nature and turning them into something useful or decorative.

It's a joy to see the kids lose themselves in the softness of wool beneath their hands, and then their pride as they turn it into a hand-felted piece.

The land surrounds them, the animals connect them with nature on a deep level, and their own hands genshin impact cosplay costumes and creativity take the experience into an act of creation.

This is "well-being on the hoof" (literally) and I am grateful to be part of it.

Author: Elisabeth
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