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Date:20th September 2016| Category:General

Two little boys rescued from a dreadful fate.

My heart softened as I saw two frightened little babies, their fate questionable, my mind thinking things through, what will become of them? Sadly being born a male dairy calf is not the best path in life as they usually end up as meat at a very young age...... or worse. There I was able to make a difference. Yes I will take them home, so into the horse float they trod, it didn’t take them long to snuggled down in a deep layer of straw, ready for the trip home. Big, soft, brown, pleading eyes looked up at me; I reassured them with an encouraging pat and gentle word.

Fortunately the lush spring grass was on its way, popping up as the warm days welcomed my new additions. Hearty appetites drained an old basin of its warm milk- I love hearing the loud slurps followed by long tongues cleaning up any milk that is left on their baby lips. Everyone wanted to get in on the act, Kato my old border collie, Daisy my rescued Chihuahua X and my Isa Brown hens known as My Girls loved meal times too omega replica.

The boy’s live relaxed carefree days, legs stretched out as they lap up the sunshine, happy to have each other for company. They have grown into gentle giants. Unfortunately our fences need some major repairs due to strong winds blowing a large gumtree down, leaving a mangled mess of broken posts and tightly coiled wire, also,about eighty Kangaroos graze regularly and we live on a busy road. It has been a difficult decision to make but I feel the best thing is for me to find a kind and loving family for my precious boys-their safely is paramount.

If you have a spare paddock in need of some friendly residents could you please give me a call on  0412 144 646 or email
me at and I will respond as quickly as I can. They have been wormed and vaccinated are in perfect condition and a forever home is what we are looking for. I look forward to hearing from you.

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