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Goodbye to Healsville

Date:21st February 2017| Category:General
 Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge Is On The Move.....

After much deliberation Gary and I have decided it’s time to move closer to our son Travis and his adorable family. Time goes by ever so quickly and Alistair and Tamsyn who are growing up at an alarming pace are looking forward to Nan and Pop being close at hand. We too look forward to being close to our darlings. Alistair says, “Nanna we’re your darlings, aren’t we”? And of course they are .

The whole selling and moving process has been a whirlwind of unbelievable connections. Gill must be there looking after us. Putting her tuppence worth in when she can!! smrtovnice

Sometimes things are simply meant to be. Saskia, Eric and Lynda who run an animal rescue program named ”Forever Friends” will be the new owners of 79 Whelan Road. They can’t wait to be here in Healesville soaking up the beauty of being nestled in the Long Gully Road valley, as well as building new friendships and supports. Our Estate Agent, Kerry Fisher, found us real gems there. It is a relief knowing that our treasured farm will stay caring for animals that face tough lives- the team of “Forever Friends” is adapt at changing the most difficult situations into ones of pure bliss. We wish them all the very best and we know that 79 Whelans Road is a wonderful place to live.
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Please remember you are invited to a Welcoming Afternoon Tea when you can meet Saskia, Eric, Lynda and their happy, vibrant team. Sunday the 19th of March at 2pm - 79 Whelans Road, Healesville. Supporters of Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge are all welcome.  Click here to learn more.

Now for the difficult thing!! Finding a home for Gill’s program, our varied animals, and our treasures was hard enough but to make it more difficult we wanted to be just ten to fifteen minutes away from our family. I think our Estate Agent, David Tree, better known as the fireman who saved the injured Koala in the Black Saturday bushfires, had a task and a half on his plate. He did it!! Mirboo North is a quaint country town full of all that a person who loves the country life is looking for.

David racked his brain showing us several options, but nothing was quite right. I felt for David. “Have a look at this one” he suggested. Country people do things in a friendly way. The owner, Jen, was there to meet us, inviting us in for a cuppa and chat. Quickly we realised that some years back Jen had lived in Healesville, working as a vet nurse for Ray Levey, how extraordinary. We then spoke of Gill and how she too had worked as a vet nurse but in Montrose. Jen quickly popped up stating, “Ray Levey had moved to Montrose”, the same building that Gill worked in but not the same Vet. Their lives were intertwined. Gary and Jen chatted about their passion for tractors while David and I trekked the property.

After nearly four hours of looking and thinking Gary and I looked at each other and both said “Yes this is for us”. Jen’s property is certainly the place we want to be. Her farm has undulating paddocks, bushland that offers many wildlife species a sanctuary, a wetland, and a great big shed where we can establish Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge, is on a dead end road, and is quiet and peaceful. Then for the last thing we hoped for, it is only fifteen minutes away from our family. Relief!! Elation!!
I imagine it will be as hard for Jen as it will be for us to leave our properties as we have all put our hearts and souls into them. The future isn’t always clear but we wish Jen much happiness and she is always welcome to visit us and we know at the other end Saskia, Eric and Lynda have invited us to return for a big hello.

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Quite a few Mirboo North residents are already thrilled to know Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge is coming their way.

Please give us a little time to settle in, then I’m sure Gill’s programs will have news of our new life adventure.

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