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A Parent's Story

Date:02nd June 2015| Category:General
Over the past weeks our 10 year old daughter Cherry, has been attending both scheduled programmes and 1 on 1 time with Annette at Gillian's Rainbow Bridge in Healesville.

Cherry suffers from Auditory Processing Disorder.  She has anger management issues, separation anxiety, as well as having a parent with a mental illness, that has been very stressful on the entire family.

The improvement that we have seen in Cherry has been nothing short of remarkable

The simple lessons that cannot be taught in a class room have helped her become a more patient, kind and caring person.

Cherry enjoys caring for the animals, she has learnt about grooming, feeding and general care for animals. She loves the horses and by having to talk to animals in a calm manner, whilst being confident and assertive, these traits have become building blocks for her everyday life.
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She now can focus, concentrate and is confident. She looks forward to being able to see the animals again and again, to do nothing more than to say hello and give them a pat, a cuddle and tell them all her secrets. The animals never laugh or belittle her, never judge or condone her and give her freedom to express herself. Cherry has learnt by example. Annette gives children the freedom to let down their barriers and open up, no one has had to tell Cherry to be patient, or to speak in a calm voice, these things have come naturally as the animals respond to kindness and caring. Traits that Annette also reflects towards the animals and the children in her care Replica Jordan Shoes.

Cherry has become methodical in her approach to life's issues, whether it be school work or cleaning her bedroom. 

I will take Cherry to Gillian's Rainbow Bridge as much as I can. Cherry has been to conventional psychologists and found them to be of limited benefit for her specific needs. With my current unemployment, Psychologists are expensive and often unrevealable at short notice when needed most.

There's something special about being at the farm, even myself, with my own mental illness, I feel some kind of calmness, just by being amongst the quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs

I urge people to get behind this beautiful organisation, without the help from Annette and Gillian's Rainbow Bridge Cherry would still be a lost little girl with parents tearing their hair out trying to do the right thing, in some cases only hurting her more. Replica Puma Shoes

We will be forever grateful.

Mary and Tom.

(Please Note:  Names have been changed out of respect and for privacy reasons).
Author: Mary and Tom
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